Urlesque counts down the top 100 viral videos in the history of the web.

#90 - The Machine Is Us/ing Us

Cultural anthropologist, Dr. Michael Wesch set out to create a video to visually show and tell the shift to Web 2.0 online utilizing the very tools that represent the shift, in under 5 minutes. Wesch released a draft of his video to the masses in January 2007, and posted the final version a couple of months later that incorporated feedback from commenters on his first draft -- a true representation of the 2.0 spirit. - KR

#89 - Corey Worthington (Delaney) and His Famous Glasses

A prime example of how quickly a funny local or international news story can spread in the internet age. Channeling Jeff Spicoli, an Australian high-school kid named Corey Worthington (Delaney) threw a wild party while his parents were away, causing $20,000 worth of damage to the neighborhood and a few cop cars. He took things to the next level when he refused to take off his signature yellow glasses, cover his nipple ring or apologize to the his neighbors during an interview. - AM

#88 - Gamer Freak Out (Angry German Kid)

Though you might not know it from watching, Angry German Kid is actually an actor playing a character he created. The character, Der echte Gangster, is a parody of a wannabe gangster, and the satirical video was made as a response to German politicial attempts to restrict access to violent video games. See other angry gamers. (NSFW) -JB

aleksey vayner impossible is nothing
#87 - Impossible Is Nothing (Worst Resume Ever)

Some advice: don't take advice from this guy. In this video resume, the first of its kind of circulate the YouTubes, "CEO and Professional Athlete" Aleksey Vayner, applies for a job with UBS AG by spouting brilliant mantras, benchpressing 495 pounds, playing tennis, karate chopping, downhill skiing, and ballroom dancing. Incredibly not a farce, Vayner's impressive history quickly went viral, inspiring many imitators and tarnishing the video resume for years to come. -LW

#86 - Shiba Inu Puppy Cam

What was all of America watching in October of 2008? No, not American Idol... the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam, obviously. This webcam used Ustream.tv to stream live video of six adorable Shiba Inu puppies. Over three million viewers tuned in from 74 countries and spent 1.2 million hours to watch the pups sleep, wrestle and sleep before they were adopted. People have been streaming their lives for years, but this is the first time that the world really took to streaming video.- LW