'Tis the season, y'all! With Easter fast approaching, everyone knows that April is all about Peeps. The gooey, sparkling little bunnies and chickies are the best part of the holiday - even to those of us who don't celebrate (*ahem*) -- and, better still, they're also HUGE on the Internet. There's Peep Research, Peep Cupcakes, even Peeps hailing the destruction of mankind.

Although, here at Urlesque, we're most intrigued by the possibility of what happens when Peeps get nuked. That is, what happens when the prettiest marshmallows ever are put in the ol' microwave. YouTube users, naturally, provide us with results that just may drive you to question your religious beliefs (although if you've tasted matzoh, you'll probably stick with the mucilaginous madness).

  • The most tragic results, in our humble opinion...

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