While the actual date is debatable (nerds and their semantics!), we side with the camp that believes that today is the Internet's 40th birthday. We stand behind this date because by lucky coincidence, tomorrow is Urlesque's FIRST birthday.

The web is technically in "over the hill" territory and we're feeling equally as nostalgic about our one full year of web domination, so we decided it was time to reflect on our favorite medium in the most apropos interweb fashion: A LIST.

To show tribute to our dear Internet, team Urlesque dissected the history of internet videos and chose the 100 most iconic videos from our collective memory -- the videos that made, changed and entertained the web.

Each day this week we'll be unveiling 20 videos from the countdown, with the top 20 (and full list) comin' at ya next Monday, April 13th. Don't worry, we'll let you know when each day's videos are up, but you can also bookmark this page that will be updated with the full list.

So far, we've got #100-41 up for your perusal. Enjoy the memories!