The dress code for bloggers usually consists of only the finest in hooded sweatshirts that come from a little French boutique we call Target (soft "G"). Needless to say, formal wear is by no means our cup of tea, so we can only imagine how painstaking the process must be for babies.

Specifically, we're referring to children in tuxedos, which tends to be a nightmare for them and guaranteed laughs for us.

We've scoured the superhighway to bring you some choice snapshots of children in tuxedos that are hilarious. (And be sure to scroll down to the end of the post for THE BEST ANIMATED GRAPHIC WE'VE EVER SEEN!)

  • Your parents are the worst (also, you are far too young to be making those faces)

  • The future King of Queens

  • There are those who can sell it...

  • And those who cannot (we feel ya, little dude)

  • We give it six months, tops

  • Get that kid a pair of sunglasses, stat!

  • In closing, we give you THE BEST ANIMATED GIF OF ALL TIME

Let's fight the good fight people: babies in tuxedos will provide lasting scars.