We have so much love for Waxy for pointing us in the direction of our new favorite Flickr pool, "Things That iPhoto Thinks Are Faces" -- a tribute to the powers (or weaknesses) of iPhoto's Face Recognition Feature.

A few things that iPhoto thinks are faces?

  • Queen Elizabeth wax figure (must be the sign of a good wax statue):

(via Flickr user bgmb42)

  • Cookie dough (which kind of looks like a panda face, so we understand):

(via Flickr user map~map)

  • Jesus Christ on a cross (Are there no other faces in this picture, iPhoto?):

(via Flickr user Chris Devers)

  • Elevator buttons (kind of adorable, right?):

(via Flickr user Arroz con Nori)

  • Beads (if they were faces, it'd be awfully cruel):

(via Flickr user leighaber)