Ever wondered what you and your celebrity crush's babies would look like? Wonder no more!

You may never be able to score a Johnny Depp or an Angelina Jolie in real life, but you can get a little bit closer with the photo site: Make Me Babies. The site allows you to upload your own photo, select a "hot celeb" and it will reproduce a pic of your fantasy offspring.

My Seventeen Magazine subscription has been canceled for years, but hey, this is research, right!?

So I opted for Beckham (because the Brad Pitt link wasn't working, natch).

Though as I suspected, our baby girl is simply a random product thrown out by the site. I mean, it'd never work anyway if Beckham insisted on dressing our child in terry-cloth duck costumes, so perhaps it's for the best ;)

Regardless of its "accuracy," this is a fun time-waster. Plus there's also an option for uploading your partner's photo.

Click the link below to make your own!