We love eBay. Where else can you find things that you probably don't need, but are absolutely necessary for purchase?

The eerie stillness.
The glassy-eyed stare.
The cold, milky white exterior.

Nothing sends us running in terror quite like a porcelain doll. And, wouldn't you believe it, there are sellers on eBay that specialize in -- you guessed it -- haunted porcelain dolls. In fact, gyuritej, attempts to reach a broader audience by auctioning off a doll direct from the collection of her mother, "an extremely powerful gypsy witch from Hungary."

This is Suzie. She died when she was 13 years old.

She is wearing a maroon colored dress with white trim. There are a few small burn marks on her dress.

She is an extremely depressed girl. She needs a best friend.

She would prefer to be in a home that doesn't have a lot of other haunted dolls.

She will visit you in your dreams.

Is that a promise?

Look, you can't go wrong with a recommendation from a Hungarian gypsy witch. That's just common sense.