Forget sob stories and adorable animal photos because in today's peek into the wonderful world of e-mail forwards, we get to experience a little bit of MAGIC.

What you will see below is an image series in which "David Copperfield" will dazzle you with his ability to "find the card on your mind." Despite the broken English, spelling error, and Spanish-influenced punctuation, you KNOW this card trick is legit because hellllllooooooo David Copperfield is involved. And it wouldn't be a proper e-mail forward without a little threat from David about sending this to your friends at the end.

Prepare to be amazed. And, you know, if you can't figure out how he "does it," check the bottom of this post for a SPOILER courtesy of my dad.

Don't get how he did it? Allow my dad to spoil the "magic" for you (as he so dutifully did when replying all to the forward that I received...)
The beginning cards are all different than the last 5 cards. All of them are gone.

This is the last time I'll trust an e-mail forward.