Is it possible for a lady to give birth to a block of cheese? Is this story a complete fabrication?

When the headline reads "Woman Gives Birth to Block of Cheese," WHO CARES???

A pregnant woman rushed to the hospital to give birth shocked doctors and staff when it was revealed that what she had passed off as a fetus for months was in fact a large block of cheese.

Neighbors, assuming that she was in labor, took her to an emergency room where doctors uncovered a sodden and moldy mass of what they later determined to be several bricks of cheddar cheese bound together with twine.
"Beyond weird," remarked the doctor. "I don't know how one would do it, but it must take an unworldly level of self deception to even conceive of something like this."

We do. By being a "CHEEZ WHIZ" (and, sadly, also by having a history of mental illness).

Best part, though? The lady had registered herself for a baby shower. ...Which begs the question, what do you get for the expectant mother prepared to deliver a dairy product? Easy: table crackers and Shiraz may be a nice spread?