As previously mentioned, the current hot trend on Facebook is to tag friends in photos that feature different personality types. If you're active on Facebook, then you've probably seen the first one (below), but there are a plethora of copycats cropping up in friend feeds across the service. I must have some pretty bored friends (and friends of friends), as I found 20+ different images that were posted for the sole purpose of tagging in my 'Photos' tab.

See below for all the ones that I could find... our ultimate collection. There HAVE to be more floating out there on the Interwebs. Either send us a tip, e-mail them to us, or drop a link in the comments and we'll update the ever-growing list below.

Update! To add the photos to your Facebook profile to tag your friends, simply right-click, select "Save Image As" to save a photo to your computer. Upload the photo to the Photos section on your Facebook profile and tag away.

Facebook Friend Tag Urlesque Meme

smiley faces facebook tag friend

rubber ducky facebook friend tag

disney facebook friends tag

  • Submitted by Martin Wardener

  • Submitted by Brandy Williams

snoopy peanuts facebook friends tag

sonic facebook tag

celebrity facebook tag

  • Submitted by Urlesque reader Gazpacho89

  • Submitted by Roger Byers

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