Forget "25 Things" and Wikipedia Naming Your Band. In case you're not big into the Facebook, allow us to enlighten you on the latest "meme" that has been sweeping the social network of choice for teens and moms alike. Essentially, users upload a photo that displays multiple personality types (think superlatives), and then tag their friends to the different descriptors according to which friend they relate the most. For example, I'd tag my brother 'The Geek' because it's true.

While we have nothing but respect for the ripped-off Mr. Men and Little Miss images, we thought we'd have a little fun with the exercise and try it out with a few familiar faces instead. Behold Urlesque's Meme Friend Matcher. Which memes are YOUR friends the most like?

Urlesque Facebook Meme Friend Tagger

As far as Urlbots go: Lindsey? She's totally the Dancing Banana. And Stephen? He's the personification of the Rick Roll phenomenon (aka soooo popular). Copy and upload the photo on Facebook and try it out. The same rules apply:
Once you have been tagged, you need to copy this picture to your album and tag 28 16 people, including the one who tagged you.

Let's take Facebook by storm, shall we?

Have any other memes and matching characteristics that we forgot? Drop them in the comments and we can include them in round two (I always love the excuse for a good afternoon spent in Photoshop)!