You've seen this all over the web (and on The Tonight Show), but with the decline in newspapers, I'm terrified that the time for funny articles might soon be ending. With lonely singles moving to sites like, people selling their stuff on Craigslist, and the web becoming the place to post content without copywriters, what will happen to funny newsprint articles?

I'm ahead of myself (working on the internet can do that to you), but as a tribute to all the scanned articles that relentlessly float around the web, we've put together a collection or our favorites.

  • Nothing's more perfect that this mini-piece from The Roanoke Times -- where the picture and caption work marvelously in tandem.

Plenty more where that came from -- after the jump!

  • These are the kind of rhetorical arguments that don't require taking out a newspaper ad. (They require speaking with a therapist.)

  • "These people walk along and lie down where they get tired, usually on the roadside but sometimes on the bitumen."

  • Sometimes it's better to err on the side of caution?

  • We'd like to meet this "someone" too. Can they fix our sink with that magical "hoolahoop"?

  • With utter seriousness, who could deny that this person isn't overqualified for many positions?

  • "Smee again! Goan f*ck yourself!"

  • Camouflage done well can be a dangerous thing...

  • Do not tell me that this pun was inadvertent.

  • Excuse me, but what newspaper ran this story and how can we get a subscription?

  • Calling this a "freak accident" just adds insult to injury -- am I not right?

  • So where'd they stash Homer?

  • Why you should make sure to read the fine print.

  • Paging Marty McFly...

  • An understandable mistake -- no?

  • Kind of the same idea as offering coupons for opening day, right?

  • Either a simple misprint or this dude seriously looks like his dog.

  • "This demonstrates that producers should consider the effects their films have on young and impressionable people."

  • They've always said you can't be a superhero without an arch-nemesis.

  • The arrow is mine and that pineapple sounds absolutely delicious.

  • Seriously? More kitty violence?

  • First chicken sweaters, now chicken diapers -- an amazing typo. Also, what are cheddar guppies?

  • New Sears portrait prop: a gun.

  • The headline says it all.

  • Last, but certainly not least, is it more likely that your bird was stolen or that you forgot to feed it?