Hi, Francesca. Hi, Sharkey. You guys are both French bulldogs who just happen to belong to talk show host, Internet enthusiast, and incidental media mammoth Martha Stewart. In Francesa's own words:

You know that Martha has been putting us up on her blog for more than 70 weeks and I've been mulling this point over with Sharkey all along. I mean, why should she have all the fun of having a blog? Our lives are action-packed and just as interesting, if not more.

Okay, so with the launch of The Daily Wag, you're both also official bloggers now. And you're already doing a great job. The post about hunting squirrels? Priceless. The photo montage chronicling your trip to the set of Martha? Amazing.

Most intriguing, though, is how you managed to get your mommy to do this:

Keep up the good work, guys.