dadgetoutInspired by a recent much-loved viral vid circulating around the web (see below) in which a boy is just trying to show off some sick soccer moves when his father dances through the door in his underwear, I went on a tireless search to find the internet's greatest videos featuring interrupting moms & dads. It's that simple.

You know you want to see what I found.

  • The video that inspired my search. Sorry I basically ruined the surprise for you (like the title does), but you had to know my motivation.

  • Not quite an interruption, but what's great about this clip is that you THINK you've already seen the best part...then mom comes in at the end.


  • Hope this wasn't being recorded to go on your demo, dude. (HINT: Skip to 0:14)

  • Don't ignore your mother when she walks into your dance performance!

  • This is by far the most baffling video I think I've ever seen. Why does the dance take place on the second floor, while the camera is on the first? Did your dad just get home? Is the Soulja Boy dance not allowed in your house? Is that why you had to quickly shut up off the music, then the lights? And for the ultimate meta question: WHY IS THIS ON YOUTUBE?