For the past hour, I have literally sat and stared, jaw to the floor, staring at footage from Biketoberfest, an annual event that takes place in Central Florida. Essentially, the royalty of the motorcycle-riding, beer-swilling, booby-flashing, boar-hunting, hard drinking set teem the fairgrounds of The Cabbage Patch, a bar in New Smyrna Beach, for a rip-roaring good time, memories from which are inexplicably uploaded to the Internet.

But the main event at the annual weekend in October is, undeniably, cole slaw wrestling, in which oft-topless gals take to a pit of fresh cabbage and mayonnaise and go at it in front of throngs of screaming fans. Despite it being difficult to differentiate whether a picture was taken in 1993 or just last year, the captured moments remain timeless, as summed up by The Cabbage Patch's webmaster, who claims to "have done for cole slaw what the moon did for rocks."

Check out these money shots that make mud wrestling look like a tea party:

Of course, the gals have to get hosed down (and photographed) after each match:

But, really, it's all in good fun, as these two competitors demonstrate post-rassle.

Want to see the real thing? Turn down your speakers.

And, uh, here's the NSFW version.

Just for kicks, here are photos from last year's T-Back Beer Pull, in which ladies adhere rope to their thong (or "twisted panties") and pull progressively more and more six packs to the finish line, an even The Cabbage Patch calls "really different."

You can say that again.