Whether you had a romantic candle-lit dinner or a night alone with screener of He's Just Not That Into You and a half-gallon of Ben & Jerry's, we here at Urlesque hope that Valentine's Day was everything you hoped for and more. Still, we know first hand that love can be cruel, and if V-Day left you feeling less than rosy, hey, at least you did better than these guys. Here are some videos of failed marriage proposals to cheer you up.

  • She actually says yes, so how bad could it possibly be? The answer: Pretty effing bad.

  • Poor guy. As if it wasn't awkward enough before she said no.

  • This one is so brutal. He decided to propose on Christmas at her family's house. Let's just say there were no Christmas miracles that year.

  • Generally it's not a great sign when the woman runs away and into another man's arms.

  • And another failure at center court.