This just in: there are endless amounts of things to catablog on the Internet. Lucky you, this week's adventure into the depths of consumerism comes in 8x the size! That's right -- Great Big Stuff (.com), sells everyday items (from food to office supplies) in gigantic sizes. Let's say you just need giant scissors for a ceremonial ribbon cutting or there's an occasion where normal sized earbuds just aren't enough!

We've collected our favorites for you below, but also make sure to check out the site, where conversational pieces COME ALIVE.

Also, if you're out there,, we could really use a giant pencil here at Urlesque. Call us!

  • In the video you just saw, you got how BIG the martini glass it, but did you get how much martini it could hold? EXACTLY.

(Martini Glass, $28.77)

  • "Hey bro, I heard you had a headache so I got you a giant aspirin. Just wait 'til you see how big it is!"

(Aspirin, $19.77/each)

  • I was going to get a real chair, a real nice wicker chair or something, but then I saw that I could buy a corn cob! That is also a chair! SOLD.

. (Corn Cob, $74.77 each)

  • Just can't figure out how to take your drumming to the next level? There is a solution: BIGGER DRUMSTICKS.

(Drumsticks, $48.77 each)

  • Judge Judy has nothing on you, dude.

(Gavel, $149.77 each)

  • When a little bit of ketchup just won't do the trick.

(Heinz Ketchup Bottle, $129.77 each)

  • Really "make a name for yourself" with a giant name tag instead of yelling it in peoples' faces by wearing a GIANT NAME TAG. Now let's see them forget who you are, Brian.

(Hello Name Tags, $9.77 for 10)

  • Send your kid to school with a giant pickle, I dare you.

(Pickle, $97.77 each)

  • "Made of heavy glass, this SoCo bottle is extremely detailed right down to the raised letters on the side of the bottle, accurate and crisply printed labels, and sealed cap. The only thing missing is the alcohol itself!" ...UM WHAT?

(Southern Comfort Bottle, $64.77 each)

  • How is this supposed to help ANYONE?

(Can Opener, $36.77 each)

  • A White Out bottle that corrects your mistakes, but mocks you while doing so.

(White Out Bottle, $18.77 each)

  • Like I've said before, kids shouldn't get gastric bypass.

(Brief Style Underwear, $19.77 each)

  • Now, I'm a huge fan of Great Big Stuff by now, but without something to compare it to, how am I supposed to trust that this is indeed a "Giant Peeler"? Give me something to work with here, you guys.