ROGUE: THE FATHER OF THE SHIBA INUS FROM THE SHIBA INU PUPPY CAM -- Aki, Akoni, Ando, Autumn, Ayumi, and Amaya: aka the most famous pups on the Internet.

THAT'S RIGHT. By mysterious miracles (and a few helpful eavesdroppers) we managed to find out that Rogue -- or as he is called in the ring, Ch. Jogoso's Notorious "Rogue" -- not only was showing at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, but also took home last year's prize of Best in Breed! The cewebrity didn't fare too well this year, but after we stalked him (and his agent Maureen Kenton and owner Suzanne Osaza), we were able to get an exclusive photoshoot with the Internet's favorite doggy daddy.

  • BONUS: Some live action shots of Rogue on the playing field:

More photos from the show: