It's always fun to see a celebrity -- especially one of marginal status -- get taken onto the ride that is Internet Novelty, whether that means s/he is assigned a fake account on Twitter or Tumblr, or even something called "a MySpace page." (A whaaa?)

But in the wake of Ashton & Demi's recent respective forays into the Twitterati, it should come as no surprise that somebody else would take the natural step toward culminating an online presence, this time not only by creating an account but by, instead, reclaiming a fake one from an impostor. And that person?

LeVar Burton
, you guys. Yes, the LeVar Burton of Roots, Star Trek, and -- duh -- Reading Rainbow fame.

Even in spite of his recent appearance on The Soup, in which he let himself be parodied alongside some of our favorite Mad Men, Burton managed to be taken very seriously in his online pursuits. In fact, his blog posts and tweets are sincerely reflective, engaging, and prove that the dude is incredibly knowledgeable about (and continually curious regarding) developments in new media, web technology, and these very Internetz we love so much.

So cheers to you, LeVar Burton! By reclaiming the irony that threatened to blanket your celebrity via a stupid Twitter account, you've managed to do what Chuck Norris could only dream of doing: BEING AWESOME ONLINE WITHOUT ITS BEING A JOKE! We <3 you.