I don't find babies all that exciting. Occasionally I'll find a few videos of them falling down that'll make me laugh, but for the most part they're just as boring as anyone else who doesn't do anything all day and is incapable of communicating with others or having any sort of complex thoughts. Wow, that description hit a little too close to home.

Anyhow, it turns out that time-lapse not only makes babies more exciting, it also reveals that they're not nearly as simple as we might imagine. For example, if you were to see this baby in real time, you'd surely be convinced that he wasn't doing anything. With time-lapse however, it's plain to see that he is in fact moving his toys around, and by the time play time is over, he will have carefully placed them in thoughtfully predetermined parts of the room.

Thanks to our intrepid Catablogger Lindsey for sending this to me.