Comedians still haven't really figured out the best way to get at Barack Obama. Artists, photoshoppers and t-shirt manufacturers, on the other hand, have had a field day with the new President. From the stock Presidential comparisons to pop culture icons, Obama's pretty much been drawn or photoshopped as every consequential figure in American history. Their purposes are different -- some make historical references, others are satire from his detractors, and some just want to make him look cool. One thing's for sure -- the man is all things to all people. Check out our collection:

  • Obama Washington:

  • Lincoln:

  • FDR:

  • JFK:

  • A frightening Obama-Bush-Cheney hybrid:

  • Uncle Barack:

  • Run DMC:

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  • Barack Obama Windu:

  • Obama Marley:

  • Obama as Kanye:

  • Alfred E. Obama:
  • Airbama

  • Obama Marlboro Man:

  • St. Obama of Assisi

  • Che:

  • Obama as Mr. T:

  • Obama Urkel:
  • Terminator:

  • Obama Zapata:
via:// Lalo Alcaraz

  • And, uhhh, just for good measure -- Obama nude on a unicorn.

via:// Dan Lacey

Got any more you'd like to see up here? Send 'em in...

  • Barack as Andre3000

Are we featuring your photo, uncredited, or know the source of an uncredited image? Let us know! We tried our best to track down all the original sources, but fell short on some of them.

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