Roving Urlesque reporter, Lindsey Weber is currently live on the scene in Washington, D.C. for the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama. As you can imagine, there is some crazy, quirky Obama gear on the streets that you simply have to see to believe. We'll be updating this photostream throughout the day as Lindsey fights for cell service.

  • Barack Obama + Flip Flops = Hot Flops. Wait, isn't that demeaning?

  • It's not just water... it's the "Preferred Water" of the Presidential Inauguration. And only $3 a bottle!

  • What's better for a baller than taking to the court in kicks adorned with our fave basketball star? No, not Shaq -- OBAMA (duh).

  • This button man has all the Presidential pins you could possibly handle.

  • Obama Pajamas! (I like the sound of that.) Now we all can "sleep with" our president.

  • "I NEED 2 TIX!" Typical. Even scalpers are hitting up the festivities? Update from Lindsey: These aren't scalpers! These fellas are selling OBAMA AIR FRESHENERS. Ah yes, that smells better.

  • I'll let this one speak for itself.

  • Good eye, Lindsey! (She paid $5 to take a picture with the backdrop, btw.)