The Ditty Bops is a band lead by two married ladies, whose unique sound is essentially folk music as inspired by vaudeville, bluegrass, swing, and musical theater. If Tegan and Sara went to clown school before the Cold War, that's probably what The Ditty Bops would sound like.

That being said, Abby DeWald and Amanda Barrett are awesome for many reasons (including the fact that Spinner named them #1 in a list of "Extreme Green Musicians" after they toured cross-country by bike). But, most of all, The Ditty Bops are number one in our book because they have staked a glorious claim on the Net.

PROOF: Amanda somehow got The Ditty Bops' "Sister Kate" added into the national program for Jazzercise, video footage of which she posted that - OMGGGG!!! - stars her grandma:

Somehow, it only gets better from here.
  • The Ditty Bops play an exclusive concert at a goat farm. For the goats.

  • The Ditty Bops invent "the ice burrito," and shoot an infomercial for it.

  • They hold a phone interview on the side of a street while cleaning out a wound.

I WANT TO BE BEST FRIENDS WITH THE DITTY BOPS! (And their Jazzercise-y grandma.)