With the Grammy Awards, Oscars and Golden Globes quickly approaching, the world is catching the awards season fever. The internet is no different, as a plethora of annual and brand-new web awards ceremonies cropping up during awards season. Want your favorite websites or blogs to get the recognition they deserve (*coughcoughcough*)? Get all the deets about the various awards initiatives below and -- as our pal Diddy says -- Vote or DIE!

Who: The Webby Awards
Honoring: "The Best in Websites, Interactive Advertising, Online Film & Video and the Mobile Web."
Awarding Since: 1996 (The Great Grandaddy of Everything-Internet Awards)
What You Can Do: The submission deadline for consideration in what the NYT calls "the Internet's highest honor" has been extended until January 30th -- although there is a hefty fee to submit. However! During April 14-30, users can vote for a winner for the 'People's Voice Award' Webby for each category.
Winners Announced: May 5th, 2009 -- followed by a swank celebration in NYC on June 7-9.
The Loot: A totally rad trophy
Fun Fact: Check out their Tumblr where cewebrities urge you to enter the Webby Awards.

Who: Ninth Annual Weblog Awards - 2009 Bloggies
Honoring: The Best in Blogging
Awarding Since: 2001 (Father of Blogging Recognition)
What You Can Do: Up to 3 nominations per e-mail address are currently being accepted for each award category until Monday, January 12th. Make an impact by nominating your favorite blogs for as many categories as you wish (*winkwink nudgenudge*). Check back during January 22nd - February 2nd for final voting.
Winners Announced: "At the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, USA on Monday, March 16 at 12:30 PM EST (GMT-5) at the Trade Show Day Stage."
The Loot: 'Weblog of the Year' award winner receives 2,009 cents. ($20.09) Adorable, right?
Fun Fact: Can everyone please vote for CATS to win (another) lifetime achievement award? Please!

Who: The 2008 Weblog Awards
Honoring: The Best in Blogs
Awarding Since: 2003
What You Can Do: Final voting for selected finalists is currently underway for a wide variety of topics. Polls close on January 13, 2009, so get your votes in now.
Winners Announced: Unclear. When the polls close on January 13? Will keep you posted.
The Loot: The satisfaction of winning
Fun Fact: You can embed polls on your site and/or follow their Twitter account.

Who: Shorty Awards
Honoring: "The Best Producers of Short Content in 2008, in 140 characters or less, on Twitter
Awarding Since: 2008 (New Kid on the Block)
What You Can Do: The nomination period has closed. But stay tuned because final voting will be unveiled shortly! Follow their Twitter to find out when.
Winners Announced: Unclear. At or before an awards ceremony in New York City sometime in February.
The Loot: Internet fame. "The winners of the most important categories will get to deliver 140-character acceptance speeches (either in person, or via video)." Love it!
Fun Fact: All nominations and voting has occurred via Twitter. Isn't that cool? The future of awards, y'all!