Our favorite memologists Rocketboom have quite the knack for perfectly dissecting and succinctly explaining the Internet's obsessions -- or "memes", as we like to call them.

Their videos can be used not only to explain to your friends or roommates just why you are blasting 'No More I Loves Yous' repeatedly and filming yourself mouthing along, but they are also the perfect way to avoid those difficult Thanksgiving roundtables where you're left to explain the "newfangled Internet" to your closest relatives.

Kenyatta Cheese
and the gang have got you covered, so round up your aunts and uncles and start from the beginning. We'd start with LipDubs -- the concept is universal! Who wouldn't want to lipsync along to their favorite song, film it and share with millions? Rocketboom's Know Your Meme - The Lipdub goes through a bunch of the Internet's "Greatest Hits", but we think they've missed a few. So if the explanation vid has you wanting more, check out our faves below.

  • A group of adorable French kids take you on a tour through their school as they lipdub to 'Thriller'. This looks like the most fun school ever -- I wish we had coffins in my school!

  • It's 'Fergalicious'. In a supermarket. Why he's dressed like he's mid-marathon, we're not sure, but the boy does know how to do The Duchess justice.

  • How could Rocketboom forget this gem? A baffling YouTube dub of the Pixies 'Hey' that circulated the web -- popular mainly because of the performers: a group of teenage girls. Watch as they awkwardly pretend to play guitar and mug for the camera.