I'm going to tell you guys something I've never told anyone before. Billy Mays is my father. Yes, the Billy Mays, the infomercial guy -- the one and only. He's a great Dad with a great sense of humor, and last night, after we finished drying the dog off with the Zorbeez and gluing him to the floor with Mighty Putty, Dad and I sat down at the computer and put together our 10 favorite remixes of his commercials. Watch them all or we'll hang you from a Hercules Hook ;)

Many of these videos contain adult language

  • The Big City Toilet

  • Respect Billy's gangsta

  • How about a little life help from Dr. Mays-vorkian?

  • A tribute to Dad, even though he's not dead

  • This is Dad's O face

  • Dad thought this product was going to sell better than it did

  • Dad and I thought this would sell well with the people who didn't buy Kaboom

  • Super Billy Mays World

  • Even red wine!

  • This is one of Dad's favorite songs
P.S. Billy Mays is not really my Dad