Eva and Franco Mattes are crazy Italian artists/pranksters who took some of the haaawtest Second Life avatars and gave them the fashion mag treatment -- capturing them from the hottest angles in the sexiest lighting, giving the comeliest expressions -- just enough to make them look sexy in that sad, detached sort of way.

...Kiiiinda like Second Life.

Here are your hot archetypal avatars, via Eva and Franco Mattes:

  • Never-gonna-happen sexy

  • What-girls-on-beaches-probably-look-like sexy

  • That's-a-goatee-and-a-beauty-mark sexy

  • Ambiguously-ethnic sexy

  • Whoops-that's-a-lampshade-not-a-seductive-mask-whatevzies-time-to-go-audition-for-a-reality-dating-show-also-i'm-not-human sexy