According to marketers and mass media at large, women tend to do a lot of the same stuff:

  • take bubble baths
  • eat laxative yogurt
  • bed Hugh Jackman
  • get proposed to
  • get jewelry (preferably after being proposed to)
  • do whatever Oprah says

We, however, have unearthed a new trend right here on the 'Netz, as a simple Google search has illustrated.

Ladies use laptops in bed!

Madison Avenue knows the womenz, and one thing's for sure: they're all lounging on white comforters, appropriately dressed down with heels kicking behind them. And they're probably lighting candles and drinking a glass of White Zin, too. IT'S HOW A LADY BEHAVES.

So next time you Instant Message a woman, be sure to ask her exactly what she's doing on at the moment. The answer might not surprise you.

(Because she's probably in bed!)