We've all caught ourselves dozing on mass transport or in some other rather public, rather embarrassing venue, so maybe "GOTCHA!" blogspot Sleeping In Public has caught you -- with their camera! They're devoted to cataloging the pics of "unrestricted nappers" in celebration of the brazenly sleepy. Using their archives, I've identified 9 different classes of public nappers (below):

  • The "What Else Are You Going To Do On A Red Eye From NY to DC?" Napper

  • The "Being A Grown Up With a 9 to 5 Is Hard" Napper

  • The "We Don't Have Anything Left To Talk About So We're Just Gonna Pretend To Be Asleep Now" Nappers

  • The "I Shopped Til I Dropped" Napper

  • The "I'm Not Napping, I'm Not Napping" Napper

  • The "We're Old, That's What We Do" Nappers

  • The "I Can Sleep Anywhere" Napper

  • The "I Might Be Dead" Napper

  • The "I'm Homeless, You A**hole" Napper

Now get a loved one to check your "sleep face" ASAP. If the hidden cameras lurking on the subway don't stop you from catching rather public Zzzs, least you can do is look dreamy while you dream.