From the same blog that brought to our attention how to pay for an outstanding balance with a spider drawing....

We bring you: The Uninvite.

David Thorne puts someone's wits to the test again through an exhaustive e-mail exchange.
As the site describes:

Last week when I checked my mailbox, I found that my new neighbour had left me a note stating that he was having a party and to let him know if the noise was too loud.

The problem I have with the note is not that he was having a party and didn't invite me, it was that he selected a vibrant background of balloons, effectively stating that his party was going to be vibrant and possibly have balloons and that I couldn't come.

Admittedly, the resulting e-mail thread is a bit menacing, but really, it's too hilarious not to appreciate.
This surly neighbor would most certainly be invited to my party.