After falling in love with Indie, the cat that interrupts his yoga master mid-pose, we sensed that there were more interrupting kitties to be found on the web. So off to YouTube we went! And what a bounty there was. Slinky felines are always trying to steal the stage -- it's like they know that they are the Internet's greatest treasure.

Here we present the definitive list of the web's top 5 best interrupting cats, proving that cats are indeed nature's greatest attention whores... but only when you're not trying to give them attention in the first place.

  • Yoga Cats! I sense a new product being developed... Crap!

  • By the end, it becomes a duet!

  • Sorry dude, your cat isn't your greatest fan.

  • The cat is way more interesting that this guy's magic trick

  • Your cat's needs by far outweigh the importance of finishing your Algebra homework.