2008 was a big year for the web. Besides birthing this very blog in April, it continued to offer surfers a break from the harsh realities of the real world through mindless entertainment. Since our sole purpose is to expose the very best bits of the web, we're proud to present the finest from the year in Internet --The 2008 Urlies. The nominees and winners were chosen by our team and awarded to those who exhibited the utmost awesomeness in Internet glory.

The monumental US presidential election? The crumbling economy? Forget it. You won't find those news items here. The hottest animal on the web in 2008? Abso-freakin'-lutely.

Check out the winners of this year's awards on the one-stop winners page. Or, if you (like us) like to reminisce about good times, like Bill O'Reilly's angry rant or a touching lion hug, then be sure to hit up each and every category page for winner information and a full list of nominees chosen for each category. (Full list after the jump!) An absolute must-see is our selection for the (well deserved) Lifetime Achievement award with accompanying tribute video. Enjoy.

The full category list with nominees --

What did we forget? Be sure to tell us your favorite web nuggets from 2008 in the comments.