According to the Chinese calendar, 2008 is the Year of the 'Stache. Okay not really, but have you seen the internet? It darn well should be!!

Therefore we are celebrating the one thing that has seen us through the trials and triumphs of the past 12 months: The 'Stache.

Yes, the mustache -- the great uniter of our time, bringing together Tom Selleck and John Waters fans alike. It is both an ironic accent to one's American Apparel garb and the most altruistic of statements. It is a cocktail, a disguise and above all, a state of mind.

So without further ado, we present:
A Photographic Ode to the Year in 'Stache.

  • Formal Mustache Chart

  • Mustache Skate Boards

  • Mustache Bag

  • Mustache Wedding

  • Mustache Pencils

  • Mustache Vase

  • Mustache Pint Glasses

  • Mustache Key Chain

  • Mustache Cocktail (an actual cocktail called "The Tom Selleck")

  • Mustache (and Beard) Cap

  • Mustache Mirror

  • Mustache Mannequins

  • Mustache Temporary Tattoos

  • Mustache on a Stick

  • Mustache Handkerchiefs

  • Mustache Graffiti Stickers

  • Plush-stache

  • Mario Mustache Chart

  • Mustache Vending Machine (seriously, this exact machine is in my laundromat)

  • Mustache Liquor Campaign (okay, this is actually from 1979, but Ronrico was so ahead of its time!)

  • Schick Interactive Manscape Creator - so many 'staches to choose from!