And the winner is... TUMBLR

Founder David Karp's answer to Blogspot is the cooler, edgier, more star-studded Tumblr -- an easy-to-use platform that facilitates a web user's shift to mixed-media, short-form blogging (i.e. tumblelogging) rather than a traditional weblog format.

Tumblr is whatever you wish for it to be: a stand alone blog, photography portfolio, or even a community of really cool people (who sometimes post gratuitous pictures of themselves -- but only on Wednesdays.) Post random internet stuff! Share a little TMI! Make new friends -- who will hopefully "reblog" your internet stuff, therefore "introducing" you to new Tumblr friends to follow. And not only is it an internet home to some celebs (Ryan Adams, Pete Wentz and Katy Perry, to name a few), but it is the source of many-a-meme this year. From Garfield Minus Garfield to Cat Ladies to We Have Lasers!!!!!, Tumblr has proved itself to be the perfect place to start a meme. We love it and so should you.

The nominees:

Blingee - Spice up your photos by adding bling, stars, blinking things -- literally ANYTHING!
Facebook - An easy way to reconnect with friends old and new -- but let's be honest, we just like to look at photos of people from high school that we didn't really know and find out what they're up to.

Instapaper (and corresponding iPhone/iPod Touch Apps) - Find a cool article online to read, but don't have the time right now? Read it later, anywhere, courtesy of Marco Arment's Instapaper.

iSaber (Lightsaber iPhoneiPod Touch Application) - Properly arm yourself -- because you never know when an intergalactic battle will break out!

Twitter - What are you doing right now? Tell the world... in 140 characters or less. And you know, follow us.

Urbanspoon App for iPhone and iPod Touch - Hungry? "Urbanspoon on the iPhone is part Magic 8 Ball, part slot machine. You shake your phone and it finds a good nearby restaurant for you. Keep shaking it until it comes back with something you want to try."