And the winner is... CHRISTIAN THE LION

2 dudes, 1 lion, and us sobbing uncontrollably? Yep, that sounds about right. There was some great stuff online this year that made us weepier than an Oprah special about children suffering from cancer of the heartstrings. Sure, the video about two guys reunited with their lion buddy, Christian, after a year -- at which point they were told that they'd go unrecognized -- is Vintage 'Net. But with the new addition of Whitney Houston singing the battle cry note from "I Will Always Love You" at the exact moment when one's tear ducts inevitably self-implode, we were rendered helpless. They were reunited, and it felt so good.

The nominees:

Angel at the Post Office

Dog Stays With Kittens in Fire

Moose Plays in Sprinkler, Soundtracked by Alison Krauss

Rupert, the Tiniest Deer

Soldier Returns Home, Greeted by Excited Dogs