And the winner is... FAIL

As far as memes are concerned, it was the year of FAIL. Sure, the four-letter word has been trolling around the web in various forms for years, but as countless image macros fueled the fire and everyone added the catchphrase to their vocabularies this year, writers were sparked to write lengthy pieces about the phenomenon -- thus instigating a complete FAIL overload. Oh the irony.

The nominees:

Disaster Girl - This devious little girl is behind the greatest disasters in history -- or at least according to the minds of creative Photoshoppers.

Angry Bill O'Reilly "We'll Do It Live" & Remixes - What started as a hilarious rage and F-bomb filled rant from Bill O'Reilly became our most-listened to MP3 of the year.

Garfield Minus Garfield - Remove Garfield from the infamous comic strip and what are you left with? A hysterical Jon Arbuckle.

Literal Music Videos - Forget the lyrics. What are these music videos really trying to tell you?

ManBabies - Switching father and son heads in photos leads to pure, eerie comedy.

Montauk Monster/MontyMashes - The only thing better than a mysterious beast washing ashore is Photoshopped images of said beast.

Postcards From Yo Momma - A collection of hilarious digital interactions with real-life, technologically-challenged moms (also coming soon in book form).

Zombie McCain - The best part of the 2008 Election for meme creators everywhere was this fateful face by Republican Presidential nominee, John McCain. Let the mash-ups begin.