And the winner is... CATS

We would have to say that we spend a good 75% of our time on the Internet looking at videos and pictures of cats. Just how did that happen? We aren't sure. But we know that cats (with the help of their owners) have single-handedly carved themselves a huge niche in the Internet. If you haven't already noticed, they are completely unstoppable.

There are videos of cats flushing toilets, walking on treadmills, getting their heads stuck in cereal boxes, and even eating spaghetti. There are Lolcats (the ones that are always asking about "Cheezburgers") who have made their way around the web and beyond. Photos of Stuff on Cats! Cat Ladies! We could go on for days, but we'd only be scratching the surface of the litterbox. Point being, when deciding on what Internet entity should get 2008's coveted Lifetime Achievement Award, there was only one choice in our minds. We had to give it to CATS!

If we've lost you up until now, maybe the following Urlesque original tribute video made by the talented Urlbot, Jessica Amason can better illustrate the Internet's (and our) eternal obsession with cats.

The nominees:

Celine Dion - Sure, she may have the voice of an angel, but as evidenced in multiple viral videos, she's crazy. She has certainly given interwebbers plenty of fodder -- and for that Celine, we are grateful.
Christian the Lion - The video of Christian the Lion reuniting with his caretakers has had quite the internet lifespan, with multiple remixes and frequent resurgences by getting passed around. This year, his story went all the way to the Today Show. Where to next, Christian? From what we hear, the silver screen.
Four Four / Rich Juzwiak - He's our number one boy blogger crush, he makes hilarious videos, and the best ANTM and Tyra Banks animated gifs around. And darn it, we love his pets. Juzwiak can do no wrong in our book, as far as the internet is concerned.

I Can Has Cheezburger - The Cheez team has been busy this year, and with a lot more than their bread and butter, Lolcats. They've expanded their LOL empire by maintaining and growing a whole network of user-generated humor sites including FunnyEngrish, GraphJam and Totally Looks Like. They think of everything!

Impact Font (on Photos) - Lolcats, lolspeak and FAIL: This font has made quite an IMPACT on image macros as we know them today.

Rick Astley - The king of the Rick roll and modern day internet god. On behalf of internutters everywhere, we honor you, Rick, for your music and inspiration.

Rocketboom - As the very best internet culture purveyors around, Andrew Baron's daily videoblog (hosted by Joanne Colan) paved the way for memehunters and internet enthusiasts everywhere.

"Sarah Palin" - Within four short months (Aug-Dec), Sarah Palin inspired enough memes, jokes, parodies and viral videos to last us a lifetime. She sure has a knack for this "viral" thing.

Ze Frank - Because he's Ze Frank.