And the winner is... DIDDY

Diddy blog! Diddy blog! If you've been tapped into the web this year, you know what that means. It's time for your "Friendly Neighborhood Internet Gangster" aka "Ciroc Obama" aka Sean Combs aka Diddy to spill his guts via YouTube to the masses. Diddy has managed to take vlogging to a whole new level this year -- from his Blair Witch inspired hit, "Sarah Palin Scares Me," to officially warning about the raising of the "Bitchassness Alert" (it skyrocketed to orange this past July due to some serious haters.) You know you felt him when he expressed outrage during the election ("Alaska? Alaska? I don't even know if there are any black people in Alaska"). And when we couldn't afford to fill our cars with gas, Diddy flew commercial instead of taking his usual private jet. See? He feels you. Urlesque can only wish that this award not only encourages Puff to continue YouTubing, but would be honored to present the Urlie to him via vlog? What do you say Diddy? E-mail us. Diddy blog out!

The nominees:

Cute With Chris - Chris Leavins is cute, loves animals and is from Canada. What's not to love?

Chris Bosh - An NBA (and Team USA) baller takes the time to talk to the people.
Gary Vaynerchuk - A serious wine guy brings serious wine tips, with the utmost enthusiasm.
John Roberts - Roberts lovingly (and hilariously) impersonates his mother. It kinda makes us want to take him home to our mothers (yes, all of them).
Lemonette - Lanette is a sweet, southern belle that chats about life while driving around Rome, Georgia.
MrChiCity3 - Let MrChiCity3 tell you how to get women...through a well-stocked kitchen (language NSFW).
Rosie - Rosie continues to bring the crazy, day after day.