And the winner is... SHANE MERCADO

It's not that difficult to see (from our archives) which dancer has been number one in our minds this year. Since we can't give it to Beyonce herself, Shane Mercado is more than the next best thing. After he filmed himself doing the 'Single Ladies' dance in his bedroom, the original music video made a pop culture splash and thus landed Shane in the spotlight. Sure, Beyonce performed on Saturday Night Live, AOL Sessions and the like, but Shane appeared on the Bonnie Hunt Show (awesome, we know) and Bonnie's team used state-of-the-art technology to green-screen him INTO THE MUSIC VIDEO. Bravo! People would like to think that Beyonce was the one who propelled the 'Single Ladies' dance into the pop culture history books, but we know that it was Shane who inspired the hundreds of YouTube imitators. And that is why he is our Dancer of the Year!

The nominees:

Baby Breakdancer - This little guy knows his moves. We're jealous.

Barack Obama & John McCain's Dance Off - Sure, it may not be real, but it doesn't mean we can't love this dance off between the 2008 Presidential candidates.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) - Matt Harding traverses the globe, armed only with his dancing shoes, in order to bring the world together... through dancing. We're touched.

Scarlet Takes a Tumble - We really wanted Scarlet to win this category (for her obvious dedication to her craft), but decided there wasn't enough dancing going on. Scarlet takes her song and dance up on a table... and... falls.

You Can Vote However You Like - Kids from the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA, parody T.I.'s Whatever You Like and coordinate their dance moves for a cause.