And the winner is... SHIBA INU PUPPY CAM

You can't not love a puppy. You just can't. It goes against all the rules dictated by human nature, the foremost one being that puppies are universally considered beloved, furry little friends. So when a live feed broadcasts a play pen filled with Shiba Inu puppies 24/7, everyone takes notice, including The New York Times and TIME Magazine (and, duh, us). More. Now. Please.

The nominees:

Corey Worthington Delaney (Australian Party Kid) - After throwing an epic party that yielded some disastrous damages, Corey got fresh during a television interview -- 'I'll say sorry, but I'm not taking off my glasses' -- and entered the viral hall of fame.
Montauk Monster - This unidentifiable beast washed ashore on Long Island in New York, the photo was posted to the web, and then mainstream media outlets took notice and debated its origins.

Shane Mercado - Mercado posted his spot-on rendition of Beyonce's Single Ladies dance to YouTube, and found himself on talk shows and meeting Queen B, herself.

Wii Fit Girl - Lauren Bernat's boyfriend posted a video of her playing Wii Fit in her underwear to YouTube. The video (and story) spread like wildfire -- and then she found out. Talk about pissed! Luckily, Bernat finally got her revenge on the Tyra show.