As self-proclaimed internet addicts, the bloggers of Urlesque see lots of crazy things on the web every day. But, even the internet has its slow days, and luckily we keep all of our very favorite obsessions bookmarked in the rare case that we need instant entertainment. Here are the things that we kept coming back to in 2008 -- refresh after refresh. changed the game of political polling and occupied countless hours of my time. I'm shocked that the election's over and I still have a job. - Alex Moaba

I can't get enough of 'Celine Dion Is Amazing', Rich "FourFour" Juzwiak's official drawing back of the curtain on Crazy Celine Dion. The soundbytes on their own are truly unbeatable, but combined with Rich's brilliant pasting together of inconceivably REAL footage of the songstress dancing to "Who Let The Dogs Out," nothing has made made me happier in 2008 (although Susan Powter comes close). - Eliot Glazer

Nick Bertke's "music video" for 'Alice in Wonderland' is so beautiful that it inspired my Baltimore apartment-warehouse to throw a music and crafts Wonder fest in which we all remembered what it was like the first time we got lost in wonderland. It thereafter became the YouTube video I showed to folks I intended to smooch. - Jake Hostetter

The internet is a place of constant change and progress -- some might even call it an information super highway. I like to think of it as the super highway...of dreams. And no one knows more about big dreams (and big tumbles) than Scarlet. Sometimes there are those precious internet moments that stay with us forever -- in the slightly updated words of Ferris Bueller: Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop to enjoy Scarlet Takes A Tumble, you might miss it. - Jessica Amason

Before I started trolling the internet for cash (see writing for Urlesque) I often wondered what the super babies from Baby Geniuses 1, 2, and soon to be 3, did in their spare time when they weren't communicating the secrets of the universe. After finding brilliant video after brilliant video in YouTube's related videos tab, I eventually came to realize that the only people possessed of the tiny stature and sheer brilliance required to curate such a resplendent array of related videos in such a small space must in fact the same baby geniuses who valiantly saved the world from Jon Voight in 2004. So thank you baby geniuses, and good luck with your next film. Hopefully the critics won't call it the worst movie ever made again. - Jordan Breindel

For about a week this year I became OBSESSED with Usher's anthem 'Love in the Club,' much to the dismay of Urlesque HQ as I bumped the jam, loud and proud, all week long. Since then, the internet has unsurprisingly one-upped Mr. Raymond with an amazing video featuring Rock-afire Explosion performing the tune. What's Rock-afire Explosion? Just watch. - Kelly Reeves

My favorite vlogger of the year (or maybe, even, of all time) would have to be Mr ChiCity. He's "just a regular dude...who happens to own a digital camera," yet after watching the man do a survey of his fridge, I beg to differ. There really is no way to explain the greatness that is this video, but you can trust me that it's great. There's some serious lessons to be learned, if only to learn what beverages to keep in your fridge. CAN'T EXPLAIN --- JUST WATCH IT (NSFW). - Lindsey Weber

Do It Live! Dance Remix is not just some fandangled viral video mash-up. To me, it's become an anthem for all that is both good and bad in the world. A video from the past haunts a curmudgeon of the present ... add a dash of kick-ass beats and ride it home. I had no qualms about stealing the audio, blasting it aux iPod and screaming "F*CK IT! WE'LL DO IT LIVE" to fellow subway riders. In fact, I'm listening to it right now. - Stephen Lenz