And the winner is... ZOOMDOGGLE

As far as Jake Bronstein is concerned, it's not just girls who want to have fun. EVERYBODY wants to have fun, especially grown-ass men and women. In spite of their jobs, responsibilities, bills and all that rigamarole, there are full-grown adults who realize that having a good time cannot be confined to board games and cocktails. Bronstein – arguably the only former Road Rules cast member to not fade into oblivion – proves his point with Zoomdoggle, a crowd-pleasing blog that essentially functions to teach crowd-pleasing. The site's M.O., more or less, is to spread and encourage ways to be awesome, and despite our allegiance to a blogosphere dripping with snark, it's utterly refreshing to find a place where "community organization" equates directly to fancy pants and bear costumes.

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The nominees:

Heartless Doll

Public School Intelligentsia


We Heart It