Carolling: that Victorian tradition of interrupting people's dinners then forcing them stand in the cold while pretending to enjoy an off-key, over-animated rendition of "Dashing Through the Snow."

On the internet, it's kind of the equivalent of those loud emoticon pop-up ads that interrupt your online shopping or even your aunt's recently discovered holiday e-cards that flood your mailbox and blare "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" at full volume upon opening, startling your cubicle-mates and bearing the gift of holiday-themed embarrassment.

Well it seems Yahoo has decided to combine these seasonal annoyances for your convenience. Oh yes, you know what this means:


Yes, you get to select four emoticon images that sing and float creepily in a doorway, then select a caroling song and send as an e-card. And hey, if Jingle Bells is too boring, then you can select parody lyrics. You can even download the mp3 if you choose.

Okay, okay -- I know I sound like a bit of a Scrooge, but honestly, emoticarolers? And you thought wearing Nana's weird Santa sweater was bad....