You know the old saying about mail-order brides? Me either. Because it's weird and sad.

But Frantana manages to kick it up a disturbing notch with a site that sells "amazing, strong, tender Russian ladies" who, bt-dubs, are also amputees.

Really, why not to love a disabled woman, help her to be sure in many aspects of life, love her and be a devoted friend and assistant? It's not her head disabled.

It's terrible when a person has problems with his head, actions, behaviour and thoughts. It's a real problem.

You bet it's a real problem, Frantana. Where are the kind, generous men of the world who are willing to open their hearts to a complete stranger who, can not only "think fine," but is prepared to replace her missing limb with nothing but love? Can't Ludmila (above) and Lena (left) catch a break?

And, really, what could be a more romantic foundation for a lifelong commitment between two people brought together by a high postage rate than a thumbnail and short bio?