It's official: the burger-eating public has spoken.

The comments from our 11 Weirdest Web-Burgers post (which was not limited to the edible variety and even included "burger-art") proved that people want to have their burgers and eat them too!

So, burger-lovers, we give you our Top 11 Craziest REAL Burgers -- no frills, no burger art -- just all-beef insanity.

Feast upon this:

  • Luther Burger (with glazed donut buns)

(Submitted by Urlesque commenters breezy, endurablegoods and Digg commenters badmofo95, Jaime2000, itsabrandnewday, PhYk3n)

  • 100 lb. Burger

(Submitted by Urlesque commenter RectalEnforcer)

  • Burger in a Can

(Submitted by Urlesque commenter Lauren and Digg commenter RobbleRobble)

  • Double Bacon Fatty Melt (with grilled cheese sandwiches for buns, plus bacon!)

(Submitted by Digg commenter alclone)

  • Sushi Burger

  • Deep-Fried Cheese-Stuffed Ground Bacon Burger

And edible selections from our web-burgers countdown....

  • Sneaker Burger

  • World's Smallest Burger

  • Hamburger Fatty Melt (with grilled cheese sandwiches for buns)

  • Burger Cakes

Thanks to Urlesque and Digg commenters for all of the submissions!