Who needs a 401K when you've got craft glue!?

In these sour economic times, it's hard to consider holiday gifts other than "free back rub" passes or IOUs. But Etsy and a few other design sites have proven that when the going gets tough, the tough get crafty.

We've assembled a few wares to help inspire you to recycle your 1.0 gear into shiny new holiday gifts!

For folks ready to part with their old clunky computer gear:

  • Floppy Disk Note Pad

  • Computer Key Cuff Links

  • Apple G3 Clock

  • Circuit Board Clip Pad

  • Floppy Disk Supply Box

  • Circuit Board Note Pad

Or for audiophiles ready to part with their pre-CD/mp3 relics:
  • Cassette Tape Dispenser

  • Cassette Flashdrive

  • Cassette Belt Buckle

  • Walkman iPod Case

And of course, you can always go festive...
  • Christmas Ornaments From Old Computer Parts