So I have the weird fetish beat here at Urlesque and today's fetish may have all the ones that have come before it beat -- swimming fully clothed. That's right, do browsing pictures of a waterlogged paralegal in full office attire floating corpse-like in the pool at the local Y get you (please forgive me) WET? Well, allow me to introduce you to Crystal.

Check out her pics and more at Swimming Fully Clothed, an archive of the soggiest galleries on the web. I haven't done a thorough clicking through of all the links. Some are probs NSFW. But most would be totally innocuous if not for the bizarre context. I mean, there are galleries entitled 'Casually Clothed Swimmers' here containing what looks like photos from pudgy adult Baptismals.

  • Also, there's a series of AMAZING dunk tank pics

  • Plus, a really creepy old man looking far too happy