Japanese restaurant chain, Kuro-Hitsuji, specializes in what is known as Genghis Kahn Cuisine -- no, not the raiding and conquering of one's food -- it's described as "the cooking lamb meat and vegetables on a special dome-shaped pan."

Though according to Kuro-Hitsuji, the leader of the Mongolian Empire was straight gangsta! Kuro-Hitsuji.com's english tagline is:

How to cook real damn good Genghiskhan mutton barbecue. Aiight!

And it gets better....the menu's instructions feature helpful photos equipped with ghetto-fabulous english translation.

  • Step 1 - Damn Good!

  • Step 2 - For real though!

  • Step 3 - Fizzle to the sizzle...

  • Step 4 - Look out for not to burn your meat...

  • Step 5 - So fresh. Straight up!

  • Step 6 - Y'all heard!