Gabe at Videogum might want to consider the 1985 flop Perfect in his collection of The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time. I feel nothing less than privileged to have recently been introduced to the splatter-painted relic in which an investigative journalist reports about sexy aerobics.

Jamie Lee Curtis -- somehow not playing an adolescent boy, despite her appearance -- spends virtually the entire movie in spandex, all sweat-stained and gyrating. Better/worse yet, John Travolta plays the Serious Journalist who flirts endlessly with Jamie Lee's character, eventually leading him to participate in one of her hugely popular aerobics classes.

Here, in its entirety, is that scene (clocking in at nearly 5:00 without a line of dialogue!), a display of acting so poor, music so awful, and genitals so inappropriately pronounced, that it should most definitely be considered NSFW: