A few interesting things about the Steve Guttenberg jogging video "going viral" right now --

  • 1. He isn't wearing pants.
  • 2. The dude who posted the vid to his YouTube channel, bad87frank, also runs a website about viral media marketing called Video Army. Hmmm!
  • 3. And yeah, the video looks staged, but Guttenberg the Notorious does have a history of baring ass. Proof's after the jump. NSFWz, guys! BUNS BUNS BUNS.

The above tush montage comes from the '80s film The Man Who Wasn't There, the most pivotal scene of which you can watch now. Two decades later, and Guttenberg still hasn't put his pants on, which begs the question -- if this is a viral marketing stunt, what is Guttenberg marketing? A butt impervious to time?